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Who is Jack

First i would like to introduce myself, My name is Jacky and i have always been brought up around animals. From the age of one years old my family adopted a Golden Labrador, his name was Prince and definitely was my Prince. He was a wonderful childhood companion, whom came everywhere with myself and my brothers and sisters, we were lucky enough to share his love until i was 13 years old, he died of natural causes (old age). I remember one time towards the end of his life while cuddling him goodnight, i started crying and wanting to heal him, i was saying my goodbye before i even knew he was going to die. Bless Prince his spirit will always be close to me. During Princes life between us all we had a lot more animals like cats, mice, chickens, hamsters, gerbils, tortuous, rabbits, budgies. After Prince there were a multiple more like Rusty our  Red Setter who had his very own chair lol and Cindy our little terrier whom went on to produce some puppies. I kept one of her pups by now i was 16 and living alone just me and my dog, my mum kept one of the pups who became Rusties companion. Me and Zap shared 7 good years together during which i nursed her through parvo virus with lots of love and healing she survived. We shared many a good memory together and also a lot of tough times but our love was always so strong for each other. I have been a proud owner of a Goat named Daisy but eventually she had to go because i became pregnant and had to move house. since then  i have shared my life with my family, cat PC (short for pussy cat hehe) we adopted her from the PDSA sadly passed but lived into old age,  Bud (who lived to  good old age) the great Daddy of my two current lurchers wiser and lilly. We have great fun walking on the commons, woods, canals, beaches up the mountains and your dog is welcome to join us any time. i have always wanted to work with animals and decided to make a difference by oppening Swansea jacks pet services, i look forward to a warm and fullfilling future with lots of pet friends....

Swansea Jack Admirable Dog

The dog, Swansea Jack, was a flat-coated retriever born in 1930. He lived in the North Dock / River Tawe area of Swansea with his master, William Thomas. Jack would always respond to cries for help from the water, diving into the water and pulling whoever was in difficulty to safety at the dockside.

His first rescue, in June 1931, when he saved a 12-year-old boy, went unreported. A few weeks later, this time in front of a crowd, Jack rescued a swimmer from the docks. His photograph appeared in the local paper and the local council awarded him a silver collar. In 1936, he had the prestigious 'Bravest Dog of the Year' award bestowed upon him by the London Star newspaper.

He received a silver cup from the Lord Mayor of London and he is still the only dog to have been awarded two bronze medals ('the canine V.C.') by the National Canine Defense League (now known as Dogs Trust). Legend has it that in his lifetime he saved 27 people from the Docks / River Tawe. Swansea Jack died in October 1937 after eating rat poison. His burial monument, paid for by public subscription, is located on the Promenade in Swansea near St. Helen's Rugby Ground. In 2000, Swansea Jack was named 'Dog of the Century' by New Found Friends of Bristol who train domestic dogs in aquatic rescue techniques.